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Southcreek Vacation Programme 2019

vac programme poster

Click on one of the following links below to register your child(ren): 

How many boys do you intend to register for the programme?

Greetings! Southcreek vacation Programme is here again!

Remarkably, we channel our attention towards skill-based programmes to provide the boys with hands-on application of their school work. We enrich this year’s package with robotics, art and crafts, music and creative writing, to mention but a few features. Furthermore, they are enlightened by the friendly interactions which, in no slight way, brings out the men of right values in them. Of course, not left out, are the all-engaging field events whence we catch them in their elements and they display their spirit of sportsmanship.

Undeniably, the vacation programmes in Southreek centre are a must-attend. Be a part of it, come July 2019.        

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